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Here goes nothing…


I spilled a dog on my couch.

Well, this is the first post of this blog. I’m still a little frustrated, so now is probably not the best time to write. I’m going to a Pecha-Kucha night in Chicago, and hopefully that will give me a little more to write about later.

Some of the instructional web pages were out of date or for a different version of wordpress. Or maybe I just didn’t understand them very well. In any case I decided to just jump in and write something short, and I’ll come back to it later when I am in a better state of mind for writing. Technical frustrations do not lend themselves to creativity for me.


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  1. Okay, here is a comment. That I am leaving for myself. Can you believe this dog will not eat a tofu spring roll?!

  2. You have an awesome sense of humor. This really makes your blog unique. Roll with that sense of humor and see what happens. That caption about your dog made me chuckle. There isn’t enough laughter in the world.


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