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Top 10 fascinating and little-known links

Hi again!

Oh, to pick only ten, and to make sure they are top-notch top-ten!  I confess, I may have to have runners-up, but here are my general qualifications: Visually appealing or amazing, useful to share in class, useful jumping-off points for lessons, an “end point”- not a maze of great links to something else, and lesser-known but worthy choices.

Hope I am able to share something new with you!

10.——Ties for Rube Goldberg videos:

Chicago’s Own OK GO! “This Too Shall Pass” video- one continuous take

Honda’s Rube Goldberg commercial- one continuous take

9. ——–Best thing to print out and make!

Combining papercraft and optical illusions: Dragon from    The whole site is really neat, but this easy printable (I’ve done it) has a HUGE “wow” factor. If you choose to click “watch the video” it does actually download a video to you. I’ve never had problems, but just FYI, so you’re not alarmed! 🙂

Custom graph paper the variety is great, and I have used these for a lot of different projects at various ages

8. ——-Best amazing zoom:

I couldn’t not include this painting at the Art Institute of Chicago: Zoomify Georges Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon. See each dot….

From Italy: Halta Definizione... zoom even into the cracks in the painting.

7.——– Colors and meaning-

One for younger audiences- Color in Motion

An interesting experiment for older audiences- great for design. Make sure you scroll down to see past votes on meaning. Cymbolism

6. ——–A fun animation of Principles of Art! When do you see this stuff?! Kids have a great time using this as an informal quiz.

5. ———A tie for the best art and humanities video gallery. Everything from interviews with Andy Goldsworthy to explanations of how mummies were made.

Find Andy Here: at Artisan Cam Gotta love the Brits: “Watch artists at work, have a go yourself!”

And Mummies and more here: At the Getty Video Gallery

4. ——-Best Paper Mache-er ever Dan Reeder. I have both his books, and have made monsters with many students. It is a long process though, be forewarned- best as a group project, as it does take a LOT of classes.

3.——- Best children’s illustrator video: Eric Carle... (AWwWWW!)

2.——- Best origami site; Oriland. I also recommend watching “Between the Folds” currently available on Netflix streaming.

1.-—— Best video to just be quiet and watch: A 3D exploration of Picasso’s Guernica.

Oh, I hope you like these!! What favorite treasures have YOU found?


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  1. breathingartsy

    Oh, Ingrid, I love the 3-d Guernica. It is so moving that it makes me cry. Good choice for your number 1 and a video you can see over and over again with the same passion.

  2. I stumbled on Color in Motion just this year and love it. It’s rather entertaining. This is a great list and very resourceful. I also learned some new things and that origami site maybe worth my time.


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