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Holy cow, what a whirlwind.

Just a brief entry here- Beginning of school is usually hectic, but for some reason, it’s been a bit off-beat this year. It’s been interesting and fun, and I have lots of great things going on…. but it has been NON STOP.

I’m teaching 3 new classes this year, plus an RTI group starting in a two weeks. I’m teaching ‘Hands on History’ which is sort of an experiential pass/fail art history survey class for one quarter. Those are a mixed group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. (Wow. And what will we do for this course for next year?) I’m teaching ‘Reading Through the Arts’ which is not graded, but ‘commented’ on the report card. I’m getting the students up to snuff on public artworks in Chicago, and talking about some of the interesting developments in Chicago public spaces (Cloud Gate, [the Bean] Crown Fountain, and the rest of Millennium Park) And we watched a 10 minute clip of ART:21 with Maya Lin. They’ll be designing a maquette for an installation, and we will be continuing to read articles and come up with some really great vocabulary words. Winning the award for the weirdest class is a mixed homeroom of mostly 4th grade with 6 third graders thrown in for good measure. I decided I need to modify the curriculum and create something completely new, otherwise someone would be repeating something. I don’t like the solution very much, but it is better than having a class repeat a whole year’s worth of projects.

Add in a late budget, two curriculum nights/open houses, and tons of outside-life activity and shenanigans… well, I think I am going to absolutely relax… sometime… It doesn’t look too promising for this weekend, either!! Yowza!


Still eccentric, optimistic, and weird.



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