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Hi, I’m Ingrid. I teach K-8 art in Chicagoland. I love what I do!  I tend to be process oriented over product.  Sometimes that means I’d rather send an original composition home than an identical project, or even have a student decide that their project didn’t come out just right and throw it away, but encourage the confidence in artistic decision making, learning from mistakes, and learning that mistakes + persistence is one of the best ways to grow!  Like Wynton Marsalis says, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying!”  Just as important in the improvisation of jazz as in art. A term I’ve heard is having a “Failure Positive Attitude”. The art room is a great place to allow mistakes to teach practical and memorable lessons.

I also love digging around the city for any new adventure. Usually it involves eccentric, optimistic weirdos like me!

Woah! Underwater!

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  1. hehe, you look like mickey mouse in a space suit!


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