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Great Art Ed stuff online

Only the very best for you, my friends! Personally, I dislike going through lists of dozens of links that have one or two prize sites and the rest is just okay. I’m going to try to keep this list exclusive. oooooh.

The Art Institute of Chicago’s Educator Resource Finder. Wow, I have just started to explore this… what a great find!

The Timeline of Art History from the Met. What a fun way to browse art history and fall down an internet rabbit hole!

Dream Class Smart Classroom Management blog. Still checking this out on a trial basis, but so far, it looks really helpful.

Creativity Express a subscription service, or you can purchase a CDROM (I did) or,you can just check out whatever they are featuring on their lesson demo- I really like a lot of the clips and activities. By the way, go to if you want to buy or subscribe. (I am totally unaffiliated.)

Beautiful “Women in Art” Video on Vimeo

Color in Motion page

OK GO’s “This Too Shall Pass” Rube Goldberg machine video and making-of. Be sure to click on the floorplan and explore!

Grand-Illusions moving dragon optical illusion printout to download and make- so WEIRD and cool!! Also tons of weird and cool visual illusions, many of which are good for teaching art principles. Also tons of weird and cool stuff to buy. I haven’t gotten anything yet, but I want to get the “Magic Mirror” from the optical toys section of their shop!

Guernica animated in 3-D with beautiful production


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